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March 2020
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After our mare foundered, she was confined to her stall for nine months. Regular massages from Tracie not only eased the muscle stiffness and discomfort Pretzel had from not being able to stand in a properly  balanced position, but visibly brightened her mood as well. Today Pretzel is sound  to an extent that neither we nor her veterinarian and farrier had ever expected to see again. Thank you, Tracie!

Alexis and Al Dorf,  CT

Tracie! Massage therapy has been very effective in helping my TB event horse to maintain his stability in competition as well as improving his topline and strengthening his lower back muscles. I’ve seen improvement within a relatively short period of time and am very please with his progress.

Dr. Peter Berk, DVM


Tracie’s sincere devotion to her work and healing of our horses has proven beneficial in their movement and attitude. She provides timely feedback of her equine massage therapy and is a joy to work with.

Nancy C. Trevor, Simsbury, CT


Last year Tracie spent many long hours working on the problems with each of my horses. For many years I had problems with a gray of mine getting his left lead. After a few sessions there was no more fighting and he was able to pick it right up. Another was very stiff and depressed and always by himself: After about 4 massages he was at the gate first to come in and no more problems to ride or shoe him. A major difference for this old guy. One mare was biting at you each time you went to put the girth on and now is fine. She can be tacked up in her stall without being tied up. Tracie went thru all the horses in the barn and each exercised an attitude difference for the better. I do feel that by even having just one session it made all the difference for each horse. Give it a try! You and your horse will not be disappointed.

Erica Albrecht, Pond View Farm